The Center Cannot Hold

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Photo Courtesy Huffington Post UK

Or how I learned to just shut up and love the revolution bomb

Some ask if Trump is a beast

Slouching toward Bethlehem to

Re-upholster the Christ’s Child’s manger

With stunning, designer blue silk, flimsy as soft nimbus

And scented with oil so costly the whole world pays

Religion hasn’t solved much yet,

But we all agree Gandhi was a guy just as good as Lennon

Who knows what a bad boy is anymore?

Because his sign says “I love strong women.”

Does he, then, lay the cloths of heaven?

Sorry, we can’t just keep slipping into rhyme.

It’s just too easy. Time’s up. No time.

In the womb gender-non-specific ones come and go

Each one admiring, or enraged, by Michelangelo

Okay. Convict me, then, true convictions being worst

Does first in nimcompoopery make America First?

Is that because centrist in the new right?

Is that because the middle road is left?

Mirror anarchy is loosed upon the world…

Because we are the ‘we the people’ reflected here.

Indulgent, self parody, liberal, shrill as a crawling toddler on glass shards

No sing song, here, if it helps we’ll go high when they go low

But all poetry is true ‘kingdom of heaven’ within you stuff you share.

No one gets the full message, so stop expecting

Planetary brakes to screech your screed

We can’t hear much, for all the noise and clamor

Just speak truth. Just make your own voice matter.

If that just rhymed, I am truly sorry to offend.

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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