The number of elephants was closer to 40,000, if you are thinking of Allan Savory. The point is, as in my article, when we know better we do better. As an Earthist, I mean I am an Earthling. Specifically, I am an Ecopsychologist, so I know biology, ecology, and especially psychology, very well.

People, as you said, are all different. Therefore trusting in diversity is part of the solution. Feminism, is interpreted in each brain as individually as any other word, and words change meaning over time. I am betting the Wiki definition of “Feminism” will be the supreme meaning in decades to come. Stephen Hawking was a feminist, Harriet Tubman, Einstein, (in thought more-so than behavior) so was Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. People and society change over time, so eventually even things like legal slavery and spousal abuse become disapproved of by most.

As to Clintons, many people are responsible, and at least a few of them have hatred for others they see as different from themselves. Many female leaders have been female, but for each one there are hundreds of male leaders, CEO’s, Priests and so on. In many nations, rigid patriarchy is worse, but it should not be tolerated anywhere, in any form, so long as people can, and do, improve.

More on this in my article: Ten Reasons I Am Sorry….

In regard to learning, I have much passion for it, and do learn a bit more every single day. I Hope we all learn from one another.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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