The Satanic Temple And Abortion, Again, Please Join!

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readJun 30, 2022

Their official position is that violating human autonomy and empowerment is wrong, and un-American. Most people in the USA agree…

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The Supreme Court and Hell Court

Thinking about the Satanic Temple again, I realized that it is true they are the only religious affiliation to regard the right to choose, and the right to assert their own faith, as a religious liberty claim.

In Futurama, hell court, (Robo version) deals must be made. In Earth’s Supreme Courts, nothing is negotiated, but handed down in confusing, and contradictory rules.

We’re kinda burned.

The Supreme Court is tasked with protecting religious freedom, as well as the separation of church and state. This will be very messy, and torture for some.

This is why the Satanic Temple is suing Texas, who they feel is not protecting their own church and its rites and rights. Their suit, called, RRR, stands for Right to Reproductive Religion.

The Satanic Temple, TST, is not to be confused with the The Space Telescope, although it also sees far and views a larger universe than traditional religion has done.

Burning man

It’s important to note, that as with CRT and an actual abortion, critics of TST do not know what it is. Critics, as is often the case, go with their gut, not with their mind. Science and social psychology, sociobiology, and even astronomy (and/or astrology)— for that matter — display this. Confirmation bias, assumption, tribalism and tradition often lead us to believe in all the things that end up burning witches and Giordano Bruno.

Copernicus is said to have recanted upon memory, or at least imagery, of the stench of burning human flesh a decade after Bruno was burned as an heretic.

It’s why I don’t tell anyone that I am a witch, except right here where I just told the world. Another story.

Hell and back

Speaking of burning, and religious persecution, people who think our politics and world is burning in hell need to…



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