Tyre And Trees, Connect The Cops

Taste the sweetness in the grass and trees, and ignore the fake sweetness of the new syrup label

Christyl Rivers, Phd.


Photo by Ryan Kosmides on Unsplash

Roaring Rivers

Torrents, currents, and ripples by Christyl Rivers

Brutality and totality

Here is what will happen.

Police will brutalize more people, some will die. A video will come out. Outrage will pour into the street. The disproportionate reality of marginalized people being beaten, arrested, and killed in comparison to criminals arrested at Mar-a-Lago, or DC., will upset reformers.

Some offended people will claim that the reform callers are out of order. Some of the “What about powerful creeps??” asking people will demand more reform.

Maybe some pancake syrup will be rebranded. Maybe some racist monuments will be torn down. Maybe some chokeholds and other power-plays will be eliminated. More funding for harsh police policy will ensure more powerful weaponry, more pay, and more police presence. More funding may also address disciplinary action, and maybe more social workers will be asked to intervene. Bit of this. Bit of that.

Since 2020, the overall backlash so far has been to label Black Lives Matter and other Social Justice causes as ‘rioters’ and/or, sometimes, ‘the woke mob.’ Some extremists who attempted a coup over democracy, are still primarily labeled as ‘patriots’ for freedom.

Public opinions are divided and repetitive. A vicious circle swirls about.

What about trees?

While all this is happening forests of trees are felled to feed the maw of government copies of classified documents, court cases, investigations, reporting, recruiting propaganda, your personal bubble-brand advertising, and more.

While all of our vicious circle roils on, I read a piece about Robin Kimmerer.

Dr. Kimmerer knows that we cannot escape our polarized hell of smashing batons and even smashier media cudgels. We are all hit each and every day with the heavy news that we all hate each other. We must destroy each other. And, we all have guns.



Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.