Use Ten Percent Of Your Brain To Save Ten Percent Of The World

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At city parks we visited, less than ten percent of wildlife is non-human

There is a persistent myth that we humans use only ten percent of our potential brain power. No one knows the specific etiology of this pernicious rumor, but it likely involved someone in a stupor realizing just ten percent of their brain at that very moment.

Even if he or she was relaxed and not pinned with laser focus to the situation at the time, even unconscious brain power and autonomic tasks like heart-rate, breathing, sweating and sensory intake engage most of the brain most of the time.

We have not lost our brain power, we have lost our biodiversity, which is even more critical.

There is a ten percent figure that is crucial to know if you are to know your own belonging in the world. And, ten percent of our Earth’s land mass is home to critically endangered species. That does not mean we should not care about the remaining land or marine habitats. But it does allow us to focus attention on those living plants and animals that need the very most help.

Unlike our brains, it is the human use of all habitats that have fueled the sixth great extinction. There is debate among lay persons about whether climate change and biodiversity loss are human driven and negative.

We can end the debates and join the rescue. Extinction is human driven. Extinction is negative, at least for quality life on Earth. Although a handful of people can point out how small groups may benefit from warmer weather or fewer predators, over all any loss of diversity is negative from the viewpoint of biology.

Life depends upon a buzzing network of cooperative systems to coordinate and fuel one another. Imagine life is like the outfit you are wearing. Although for most human existence there were very few of us and we wore both animal and plant-based materials, today you are wearing buttons from one nation, thread from another, fabric from far flung places you will never see. There is an extremely complex network of origin, manufacture, transport and every conceivable fragment of animals for glue, material base, food for the tailors, farmers, tanker crew, and more. Technology rose rapidly and fueled an unprecedented number of people over the last one hundred years that culminated in the particular outfit you are wearing today.

Today, ten percent of our Earth’s land mass is critically endangered. This sounds bad, but knowing about the specific hot spots allows them to be monitored, targeted, protected and appreciated by anyone who loves life and beauty.

Ten ways to give ten percent:

Want to be part of the solution, and thereby fight for better life on Earth? Participate through volunteering, citizen science or give ten percent of ten dollars (just $1), ten percent of $100, or ten percent of 1,000 to any of these ten organizations: Roots and Shoots, WCS, Biodiversity Foundation, iNaturalist, WWF, Nature Conservancy, WMI, Zooniverse, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Also, every choice you make today affects the planet, choose for yourself.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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