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Join the river that is a force of nature, Photo by Christyl Rivers

Once upon a time in a galaxy, (not so far away) A darkness descended no one recognizes, or will say…

(Still, there’s a few ancients that glumly remark: It’s happened before. Things can get horribly dark)

The point is, it was unexpected, as shocks tend to be. Most of us took for granted we love the decent and the free

The trauma shakes us like a mountaintop fallen from the sky. While we reel in disbelief, shards of ruin pelt and fly.

Once I saw a damselfly alight upon a lily after rain, a poem of belonging flowing between fields of amber grain

Fear is a fatuous boulder, brittle, crushing like a mountain; but melt hearts like snowflakes, and hope gushes like a fountain

And once upon a time in a distant galaxy, We will feel that surge again, if we decree and see, and be…

We are the flowing trickle that swells to become stream.

Droplets plus time will shatter rock, if we sail on the dream

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