We Broke The World With “Faith”

Televangelists, profiteers, exploitation, and oppression in the name of God

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
4 min readOct 12, 2022


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A Cowgirl Rivers Rodeo Rant

There is no greater evidence of a world gone wrong than “Christians” selling their hate-speech-laden merch to add to the piles of garbage all over the world to cause climate disaster deaths and extinction from Pakistan to Florida. And beyond.

I came from a Christian background, one of those Creation Care Jesus as social justice warrior; types of places that we need more of. Nevertheless, I have been to a mega church, I know deviltry, too, when I see it.

When politics snuck into the pulpit carried like a rodeo trophy by cowboy Ronald Reagan everything changed. Sidekicks such as trusty, dusty, Newt Gingrich, and Pat Robertson in the 1980’skicked up more dust. Social Justice Jesus was trampled under the manure-heavy boots of looting capitalism and anti-progressive wranglers.

Now our rodeo clowns wear makeup and fake hair, and do not even try to hold a bible right side up (correct side up?) but boy, howdy, do they have influence.

Megachurch MAGA influence.

…talk about steering the herd the wrong way

As a foundational Christian and Earth principle, Christyl Rivers is against waste. It’s stealing, and sin, and starvation, and suffering, and worse.

It’s also a waste of good ole fashioned trust — faith in humanity — which we all desperately need.

Let’s examine waste in the church then.

Flying around in private jets, spewing actual toxic waste with carbon emissions all over the world, some televangelists (and just evil evangelists) are tracking filthy footprints all over the globe.

They steal tithes from poor widows and orphans. They send missionaries to tear down the Amazon and indigenous cultures in Africa. They prance about in ten-thousand-dollar suits. They sell a zillion tons of trees converted into false-witness to tell the world to stop being women…



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