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Christyl Rivers, Phd

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We weep for California
The state once golden gold

Where wild bears lurched
On to our flag, and golden dreams unfold

Burning, scorching California
Where devil gusts blow foul
The sins we worked to undo
our fire, are met with winds that howl

Years ago, in California,
In prayer, canyons were folded
Around tribes of natives
Before a rash, gold rush exploded

Years ago, in California
A man leapt from silver screen
Onto a world stage of greed
To fan the flames that gleam

Years ago, in California
To Disneyland, I was lured in thrall
Childhood fantasy charred
Like Paradise: “This ‘castle’ is a MALL!”

The glitter of citrus trees
The sparkle of Hollywood,
A burning march toward justice
All that is gold and good

We love you California
We still support your dream
Now, DO weep for California
But, please, do not forget to scream

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Christyl Rivers

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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