When Julian Castro Said “Trans females” Need Reproductive Rights, He Wasn’t All Wrong

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We need healthcare to bloom, Christyl Rivers

At the democratic presidential debates, June 30, Candidate Julian Castro accidently referred to trans men (women transitioning to men) as “trans females.” But he wasn’t all wrong.

Transitioning can take some time. Both males and females may identify at any given time as the opposite sex. And, it should not matter one lick whether one is male or female, or in between.

Men care about healthcare being affordable. Women care about healthcare being affordable. Very often, they share a household and a pocketbook. Very often, they have already realized exactly how large, or small, they wish their family to be.

Reproductive rights should be human rights. Health care, as was indicated by of most candidates who spoke, should be available to all.

Families, mom’s with problem pregnancies, single people of either sex SHOULD have an interest in this issue because it is a human rights issue. Not only that, but if we are only to fight for the rights of pregnant people, what does that say about our regard for men who may, or may not, wish to not have yet another baby they cannot afford?

Women who have abortions are often singled out for shame — as if men are not involved in any way. My experience is that women care a lot about others. They are not selfish. They care about making room to have, and share lives with others at the right time, for the right reasons.

There are all kinds of ways to be human. There are all kinds of ways to be a family. There are all kinds of reasons to protect abortion rights, for all sexes, and genders, of people. (The biggest one for me: In all the research data it is repeatedly found that criminalizing abortion causes MORE abortion.)

Those places that make reproductive rights illegal have more of it, and in more dangerous way. There is proof, and numbers, to show this is true. This does not even take into consideration that affordable access to contraception also reduces the need for abortions. Women care. Men care. They come in every size, shape, and color, but people of color suffer most when denied care.

This debate is far too often framed as though men and women are on separate sides of the issue. Men and women should be involved with critical medical decisions. Although it should always be the final decision of the woman involved in her sacred, bodily, autonomy, it is absurd to think that this is only a woman’s issue.

It’s the 21st century, and human rights and equality matter. Science, common sense, and compassion all tell us we need to unite against oppression and discrimination that is rooted in unfair, and outdated, values.

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