Where Do You Want The Refugees To Go?

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Not yet under water, Christyl Rivers

There are members of my own family that feel our nation, the USA, is full. No more. Close the door. Lose the key.

They are not crazy for the idea of snake and alligator filled moats, nor do they even support the idea of family separation, but after their opinions on “security” are out, that’s the end of it. Close the mind. Shut the door.

In politics, too, we hear about the “invasion” the drugs dealers (never Big Pharma) and rapists, those who hate America who are desperate to get in (must be some nefarious reason), and of course, all of those other sketchy types from Sketch hole countries.

Climate scientists and biologists agree that we are losing our ability to reliably produce food in storm-tossed, and fire and/or flooded times. War is at least as easy to spark as fire, and global politics itself has ripped open Pacific Garbage Patch size world stages, where populists proliferate and offer confirmation of whatever bigotry needs supporting.

There are so many people to hate, and we are told to look at them rather than at more critically at those who hold the actual power that got us into this garbage patch. Then, there is pestilence and drought, since without wildlife and plants, carbon sinks, or reefs, we are on our own.

We await daily the first reported outbreak of Bubo-Ebola. Or worse. More refugees, certainly, at the very least.

Where does everyone expect them to go?

No one seems to talk about the predicted near billion expected over the next decades. I think those future refugees are not being heard above the din of our own denial and distraction.

Europe and Northern America are the best refuge for those in deserts and glacier deprived drought areas. The very places that are fired up to close borders. But to what end? What do the “my nation firsters” expect will happen as these ever-more numerous, and even aggressively desperate, people arrive and can’t find Liberty’s torch because she is drowned in the sea rise?

Every year.

It has become so hot, and so weather-weird where we live, that I am already awake at night. There are more and more signs of crowding, noise, barking dogs, invasive frogs, allergens, illness, and other plagues afoot.

But what keeps me awake at night is this question: Where will they go?

Where will they go to live? Or, as is already happening in some circumstances, where will they go to die?

As to those of us who die sooner, rather than later, what happens to our abandoned farms, homes, livestock, pets, neighborhoods, infrastructure (if any) survivors? I swear to god, our neighbors must have at least a dozen chained hunting dogs — food prices are high at the end of a dwindling supply chain, so wild pigs and game are hunted here to sustain a supper time. Also, crops are failing.

And to those who don’t die, who seek asylum and succor, what do YOU think is going to happen when there is no more land? Or water. Or food. Or hope?

I think we should find some hope while we still can. Maybe move the very idea of freedom — if not Lady Liberty — inland. Let’s light a torch within the burning heart of each defender of liberty.

But, please, don’t light anything literally. Go plant a tree and a prayer, instead.

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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