Why Modern Masculinity Matters

Can men solve feminism?

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Males teach other males whether to nurture or ignore

Sometimes, for whatever reason, men feel forgotten.

They should not be. Men are just as important as women. As allies, partners, dads, friends, family and lovers, men can and do change the world.

In fact, nothing can improve without their support and cooperation. Illegal slavery did not end because the oppressed wanted it to, it ended because enough men stepped up with their courage to improve the world and agreed it was time to hear the voices of the oppressed and do the right thing. Yes, human rights matter, and it takes men, real strong men, to realize this.

Once upon a time, women were not allowed to vote, keep their own children, own property or safely complain about abuse and rape. Today, men not only defend all of these things but they see it as perfectly “normal” to do so.

Does oppression and exploitation still exist? Yes, but as time goes on the disinfectant of light shed upon all social ills becomes power and collaboration to share, not fight over.

Therefore forget thinking that masculinity is toxic; we can all agree that it is oppression and injustice that are toxic, and whole cultures are susceptible to the intoxication of power and privilege.

Some people do not like the word feminism, and view it as the exclusion of men. Men can step up to be included in the discussion. In fact, we need them.

If you prefer the word equality to feminism, and you can defend your reasoning, go for it. As for words themselves, like societies, they change meaning over time. The word liberation is a good one, there is no real good reason why we can’t use it as well in the struggle to find fairness.

Social change cannot come from mere righteousness. It must be stood for by enough men with courage to see that masculinity is not toxic, but protective of both male and female.

It is understandable while people wish to protect women’s spaces, and women’s autonomy. And there is no reason why anyone should not be allowed their space when needed.

We are binary thinkers, but we should examine why very carefully. Males and females are born with varying attributes and strengths. Still, there is plenty of overlap.

When someone suggests nurturing is a female quality and war-like aggression is a male quality, easily recall there are many examples that display this overlap, as well as exceptions to every rule.

Here are some examples of the sacred masculine:


-Love of the outdoors

-Comradery bonding, (especially in war)

-Spatial awareness


Note that none of these qualities are lacking in the feminine. They are often displayed perhaps in different priority, but each one of us possess them all to function in the world, and continually defend life.

It is crucial to understand that education, health and dignity are human rights which men created and which men (and women) must defend. Courage does not have a sex or a gender. Men are not manlier for hiding their feelings, but for having the courage to understand we need brain, brawn and most of all, brass. That is, we all need courage every day to save feminism — or equality — and the world.

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