Why The Information Age Is Not Informing Us

Effective communication is more than electronic notifications

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The written message is not always effective, Christyl Rivers

Connection is social, not digital

Furthermore, friendship for those first 250,000 years was determined by such things as social grooming, just as it still is in other animals, notably primate groups, today.

What we lose with more messages and less context

We are honing great efficiency in such circumstances. We can even get all our groceries without a single human interaction. But something is lost in such indirect communication, and it is wise to consider all that might be.

Lost connections in a connected world

We now inhabit a global village. It is over-crowded to a degree, at least in urban areas which are growing much faster day by day. We live in a world where we message one another rather than talking to our neighbors, grocers, or merchants. We don’t know, and generally do not care, who sews the buttons on our shirts.

Language stores better in the brain

When we developed the written word, it was because we had more of less discovered agriculture, and soon after formed cities, then city states, then nations.

What about people raised with total technological immersion?

Studies are still ongoing as to whether people raised entirely on devices will evolve to secure information, and communicated data, more effectively.

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