Women Are The Answer To Solve The World,

Men Are The Question: Will they step up to the task?

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Poster in Japan, anyone know the text? Christyl Rivers

Women, or more specifically, equality — for males and females — is an important solution to solve Earth’s problems. Of course, it is not the only way. In fact, we need every solution at this time. We need all hands-on deck for finding ways to defend Spaceship Earth.

The other day I noticed that the most recent whitehouse scandal pitted powerful men against the credibility of yet another accusing woman. This happens again and again. I think it’s because it is so much easier to see men and women, as adversaries, rather than allies. It sells better.

Our issues are too big for such stalemates. Each of us has to learn to see past the sensationalization of these incidents, and look for a higher path.

Here are just four of the many issues we need to address:

A climate and extinction crisis, the threat of war and/or nuclear destruction , technology (the rise of AI, gene editing, surveillance, etc.) and the constant creep of income and class divide.

I am going to briefly examine each challenge in turn.

We are in a Climate Crisis, and the old model of twentieth century authority, and polluting technology, is not helpful in a world we’ll need to support ten billion people. Nor is the old paradigm, a traditional hierarchy that profits some, and endangers the exploited, going to work.

That hierarchy sets men above women, and whites above other people of color, and humans above all other organisms. That method of rule is ripe for the rubbish bin. Most people agree with this, but you wouldn’t know that to read the headlines.

I am convinced that when you invite all-hands on deck, we open our wounds up to healing.

We are seeing the first trickle of a refugee crisis. Syria began with climate change drought, followed by predictable conflict, but has now arrived on the world stage as unrest in Europe, and other places where refugees seek better lives. Every day, powers that be seek to divide us over the fate of asylum seekers in the USA.

There is a nuclear threat that continues to hang over our planet. If given equal representation, women and minority men would likely have supportive, or at least innovative, ideas on how we navigate such troubled waters. Traditionally, privileged men sent the younger men out to die.

Today, there are more women than ever serving their nations, but we need more representation for everyone. Just as men were once expected to sacrifice, women were expected to accept the loss of their sons. Now, innocent civilians die more in modern wars than in previous centuries, due to our technical prowess. Women should at least be given the option to serve.

Technology can be both problematic and a potential salvation in solving the world. People rightfully should be concerned about surveillance and job displacement with artificial intelligence. Upheaval is imminent.

Finally, we have to deal with huge class divides. I am not a huge proponent of socialism, or capitalism, per se. We need an entirely different perspective. One that has never been tried before is to demand, and support, equality of opportunity.

Offering many more women in tech roles with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career paths ensures that many more voices and experiences to complement these fields. We need high tech green cities, conservation efforts, biometric science, and education, to address the extinction crisis, new ways to deal with trash and pollution.

Last time I checked, very few of these fields required a penis. But they do require an open policy for recruitment — and retention — for males and females. No more bro-heavy branding. No more pre-#Me Too nonsense.

Equality and promotion of our daughters as well as our sons addresses this and so much more.

Income disparity — what has become a hot-button issue in the examination of socialism, and improved capitalism, has been around for a while. Empowering women to have choice and income helps immensely.

For as long as there have been people, there have been some rotters that seek to take more than their share. Should we reward determination and innovation? Yes, by all means, but when some industry giants such as tech and energy are favored with breaks and subsidies disproportionately, you better expect that people will howl.

When banks are immune while people become homeless, you can be ensured that society is hindered, not helped. We need men and women in banking, energy, tech, and education. We need men and women to fight for parental leave, and bodily autonomy.

Please, men, step up. Women, traditionally the nurturing, and family to community connectors, need men to also be allowed to offer their masculine ways of nurturing and protection.

Men, with magnificent masculinity, can be encouraged to step forward and demand fairness. Even defending mother Earth is a necessary role for those who were initially tasked with domination and conquest.

Tackling, single use plastic, for example, or pollution in general, is a Home-making task. Like most farmers on the planet, I am a woman. We all have knowledge to share.

Today, millions of women around the world haul the water, cook over open fires, and tend the babies. If given choice, fairness, to have more avenues to thrive, every child would be a welcome child, and men would do their part, encouraged and appreciated, in child raising and instruction.

I have become convinced that when men insist on compensation for unpaid work, it will come for all. It may not be in wages, but in support of other kinds.

Maybe rather than calling the fight for equality “feminism,” we should just refer to human rights.

Just after writing that sentence, however, I can imagine some hands that could be put to work, rise up in protest.

I have noticed that semantics instantly changes the discourse into in-fighting. For that reason, I am okay with calling it “Zipple Zap” if we can initiate fighting FOR each other, rather than AGAINST each other.

You, like me, may bristle at being too policed with political correctness, but statistics say equality is not yet on everyone’s agenda. We need a united front.

Finally, It is so important that you feel loved, and belonging. That is all people have really been fighting for, all along. It is not hippy dippy, or new age nonsense, it is backed up by real science, and supported by the data.

Belonging matters if we are to overcome enormous challenges. Let’s support the one race that we are — Human — and two plus genders that we are. Let’s then move forward to embrace the entire, supportive biosphere.

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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