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Christyl Rivers, Phd.
2 min readFeb 1, 2022
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Humans gotta human

As an ecopsychologist I am interested in you as someone who reads and writes. I am interested in knowing you as a human, with a brain in the natural world, and how you perform Human-ing in your own, unique creative way.

Each of us is different. Yet, each of us are the same.

I love writing, and hearing your thoughts through your writing.

Having studied social psychology and nature for almost forty years now, I believe we homo sapiens are finally at a crossroads where we see our ‘civilization’ drove us indoors and into the industrial revolution, but our planetary limits are showing us our true belonging.


We belong to one another, our homo species, and to the earth, our planetary mother of all living beings. (the only home we know of).

Therefore, although psychology has been through many advances and discoveries, the most important one is finding out that we are not a species apart. We are not the only sentient beings. We are not the only emotional beings.

There is not a brain body divide. Or a nature versus nurture one. Or, even an animal versus human one. There is definitely not a Black race versus white race one. Or a gender one.

We made all of that stuff up.

How special is that?

Science and technology are rapidly showing us we human ones are special, but not that special.

We can likely go to Mars, but we will find, terraforming Earth is a much better investment for now. This is still true even though billionaires do indeed have special powers and influence. They own lots of jobs, and lives.

But they can do nothing without workers and natural resources.

You cannot breathe, eat, or live without Earth.

We must protect one another, and the biosphere, in order to survive “civilization.”

My work is about finding one another, we earthlings. We have to end racism, sexism, and classism.

At present, the race is on to find out whether we crash and burn first, or whether we create a healthier world together.

My theory is that we will do both. It gets complicated.

These are very, very exciting times. Join me for the ride of your life.

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