You Don’t Have To Stay Addicted

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We’re stuck like stones, under seas, each of us is a junkie

Fevers rolling over us, each wave, a snarling monkey

Overseers too, came in swarms, bearing crosses and disease

Those that saw riches, copious crops to seize

They brought cargo of entitlement, and seasick horses

They brought technology of glittering terror to fortify their forces

They brought new names for sacred space, they brought strange commands

They tracked, trapped and traded, inventing ownership of lands

What turns the Earth inside out is that beast on your back

Enslavement is bought repeatedly with sensory attack

The neurons in your brain snap on, dopamine flows in streams

Nicotine, sugar, shopping, …obsessions on glaring screens

Think. The Triangular Trade depends upon dependency

Tobacco. Sugar. Whiskey mash — all gave the West ascendency

If we cannot connect and overcome, we’ll continue to self-medicate,

Today’s slavery is insidious. Arise and activate.

See? The masters, have addictions — not least — to almighty buck

And this is our way, to flee or stray, escape. Get unstuck.

Wake. We’re addicted to toxic stuff, from fuel, to drugs, to food.

Wake. Release from ownership. Let the monkey be subdued.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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