You Really Need To Understand Ecopsychology To Thrive And Survive

A short introduction to Ecopsychology, and a parable to illustrate your own survival

We come to Earth in pain, often taking our first gulp of air with a stinging slap and the harsh glare of light and noise. We bond first with out mother, soon learning that all giving and nurturing comes directly from her. It is much the same with our Mother Earth. Throughout the infancy of humankind, we were given all gifts in plenitude; all given within the more-or-less comforting climate of East Africa when it was still green.

Life spans were short, and yes, there was pain, without the modern interventions of antibiotics or surgery we take for granted today. But because smaller bands of people worked and lived closely together, there was also a supreme sense that the abundance of game in the forests and fields, fires at our camps, the stars overhead, winds and waters, and most especially one another were all related, all inter-dependent, and most likely sacred.

Being mindfully in the here and now introduced tools to cooperate, comprehend our natural connections, be grateful for our symbiosis and our senses. It taught us to share. It also helped create the sacred idea of eternity.

For most of sapien history, there were few of our kind, and every resource we knew was laid out like a banquet. Just prior to ten thousand years ago, our ancestors roamed, hunted and used tools hewn from rock, something they had done for 200,000 years. When agriculture began, so began also, a way of living that required more than just small tribes. With settlements tending toward a central location, cooperation among those tribes necessitated hierarchy.

Hierarchy is a mixed bag. Advancement came for some at the cost of abandoning others. Now our brains are big enough to see we don’t benefit from rigid, or ranking hierarchy, in fact, it pulls us toward destruction.

Racism, sexism, other-ism of any kind keeps us destroying all resources, human and others, that we need to survive in our continuing co-evolution.

In short, Ecopsychology is knowing our belonging to Earth.

Re-connection to our life-sustaining earth, and creating relationships to support each other and biodiversity are required, or we damage it all.


…Leopard, Leopard splendor made, In tangled jungle, claiming shade

What immortals, artists all, deftly balanced craft and crawl?

What the amber? What the jet? In what mind’s eye was this jewel set?…

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