Maybe it’s just the heat, or the fear of it, but my optimism is flickering

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My articles are necessarily optimistic. Blame doesn’t work for climate consciousness. Fear-mongering derails whole discussions. Being negative, in general, results in a more “nothing we can do” mentality. And, in fact, I truly believe all work for a better world that leaves behind toxic fuel, toxic oppression, and toxic corruption behind, is a healthier, stronger world.

The formula to get there is so simple after all, end racism, sexism, classism, and any sense of alienation from the planet with which we actually evolved. That is, domination damns, inclusion actualizes.

We run into choices of belonging, or exclusion, every day. Isn’t…

Restrictions on a woman’s reproductive health are counterproductive

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Want more abortions? Deny women basic health care and contraception. It really is that easy.

When, and where, that women can get basic health care, matters. Community clinics, including Planned Parenthood prevent abortion in numbers far greater than any so called “right to life” group. Please keep in mind the phrase “right to life” describes and advocates for, only a narrow band of embryonic, and more rarely, fetal, human life.

The life of the whole planet, born and unborn, can go to burning hell. At least, that appears to be their plan…

I realized that it’s shameful if I don’t shave, and shameful if I do.

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After being gone a month on the road, I finally got a razor in my hand and shaved off the soft, fine fuzz on my legs. It was a big job, and took longer than the routine, maintenance shaving that I normally do when we’re living in a real house.

Maybe there’s a reason the camera never captured Francis McDormand’s close-up leg shots in Nomadland. Whatever. The hair on my legs made me feel bad, and decidedly unsexy.

It got me thinking. …

Every item of clothing, shoes, and linens sheds microfibers that accumulate everywhere

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No doubt you have already heard about the scourge of microplastics. You understand that our over-packaging, and mass transport, distribution, and our food-ways, are producing so much plastic waste that researchers now find tiny fragments in our water, soil, and food. Big plastic bits kill animals and plants, and destroys scenery. But the smaller bits — more insidiously — are everywhere, in almost everything. They break down into microcontaminants that affect everything from our forests to our inner microbiome, from our infrastructure, to our endocrine systems.

People want to be good. They try to reduce plastic bag usage, avoid plastic…

Being a human in the world means we are infected with "racism." Denial does not help, but recognition of this problem does help. Skin color is not a factor, because people come in every color: Pope, president, petty criminal, police. No tar, just fact.

We cannot have racism around us and "not be racist." Systemic means everywhere. But we can admit there is a real issue and only then address it.

In Nazi Germany, only those Germans/others, who saw what people are capable of came to fix it. It's the same with all human inability to see our flaws.

And maybe the baby birds? A warning and lesson from the Great Teacher

The June babies have flown, …but where? Photo by Christyl Rivers

We have land and a tiny home in the Cascades. We traveled for the month of July. The day after we left, triple digits charred the Pacific Northwest. The BC town of Lytton burned. A few people died, but billions and billions of plants, animals, and many interconnected species perished, too.

My heart was broken, and wobbled like the helicopters over our camp in Idaho that dump water over the smoldering land.

When I returned, just days ago, I expected to find the heatwave had crisped every scrap of green. No. Nature is miraculous in her forgiveness and resilience. Not…

Is this chauvinist pigs in space? A lament for billionaires

Sorry Elon Musk, I couldn’t find the other guy’s, Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

(I know it’s an old Simpson’s joke but I still LOVE it so much!)

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of taxes
yet not paid my crews with wads as fat as mine
Sunward I’ve climbed, — dropped some pink slip axes
And done douchey things, some sore, and some benign

…You have not dreamed of. But now my cowboy hat is hung,
High in the starlit silence amid my satellites.
If light pollution drowns out these billion suns —
Well, buy more crap, and then you’ll feel alright,

(My spaceship proves my manhood simply stuns)

Up, up, I…

What about an “army for Earth,” what about the children?

Photo courtesy of NASA on Unsplash

It’s time to deploy our military forces to combat the existential, and moral issue of our day: the Climate crisis. It’s also time to take responsibility for the fact that all people, male, female, or no, all a have a part to play. Racial and gender justice, climate injustice is a human rights issue. We can’t pit color, gender, or even rich and poor, against one another and expect different results.

It’s time for a crack team of competent and capable people in charge.

This week, choking smoke from the largest, hottest fires in the west, yet, blanketed New York…

A broken house and dream, and an inevitable conversation with Officer Krupke

Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

Critical Race Theory, it’s the worst thing ever
Saying America is racist, be apologetic? Never!
But America is not like that… America is perfection
Where are law and order if we don’t have police protection?
CRT claims a contagion spreads — as if. An epidemic.
Cough without a face-mask and it’s everywhere: systemic.

I am a true patriot, I say: “All lives matter.”
All cocky cockroaches better love, or leave. Now. Just scatter.
The thing is I’m not racist. Looky here: it’s my friend Steve.
He is what is called biracial, and his kids, too, I believe.
He’s comfortable. We joke around. He even…

We love it, but we don’t act like it

Photo by Aedrian on Unsplash

We came to dominate the planet by exterminating many species of plants and animals that appeared inconvenient. We saw ourselves as superior, and even chosen, to reign above all in our domain.

Then, biology and science were discovered and we learned that actually, all of us are related entirely. Our natural systems from our microbiology and inner flora/fauna to our macro hydrology systems and airstreams allow us to live.

Without trees and plants, we have no oxygen or carbon sinks. Our oceans, once so vastly endless that they cycled and recycled everything from good winds to abundant reefs. …

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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