There may not be a way to objectively view our privilege, or our victimhood

At the intersection of pain and gain

In recent years we have begun many conversations about privilege. In regards to race, sex, gender, wealth, and the messy accident-prone intersections where all the bloody crosswalks are drawn in endless chalk loops around these victims.

What is privilege, Who has it? What is entitlement? What about poor, white, male…

True happiness comes from belonging. Until humans stop hearing "buy happiness" they are in effect saying: "BYE, happiness!"

Sadly, more suffering will be very huge, and CO$TLY, before our senses open, and our common sense prevails.

Autumn is in the air, and the air animates our hearts and minds

I went for a walk yesterday. A distant cyclonic weather system off-shore, magically sifted air all the way inland to the Seattle area.

Overhead, as I walked, swaying trees and drifting leaves told me I was strolling through a dynamic world.

Watching leaves fly, or float, depending upon the swiftness…

Looking at human denial as we fight one another for scraps

Like lambs to the slaughter

We have “no world leaders on climate.”

These words are from our international treasure, Greta Thunberg.

She warns, repeatedly, that people must take their heads out of the tar sands and realize we must do everything humanly possible to mitigate our climate crisis.

Yet, we are polluting more, not less.

The great pumpkin may yet rise again, and send them all to hell

They’re fleeing out of Afghanistan, and out of Myanmar
They’re fleeing out of Haiti, from places near and far
(Here, seeing they can work from home, some flee to the burbs
Those are, or course, the privileged ones, not being kicked to curbs)

“Secure our life-blood borders! Just let the…

Single use is the worst, and we can’t have a throw-away world any more.

We need plastic in our world. We need it because of the coming plagues (ventilators, medical gear, ppe, and more). We need it for the one that is already here, and variants to come.

We need it for the refugee crisis — safe water, sanitation, disease mitigation — -and more…

and a dirty old toll on we…

Joe Manchin is rich, in part, from pollution
He stands in the way of a Green New Deal solution
We are a nation of hundreds of millions
Yet, one man, alone, takes hostages with his minions

People don’t understand it. They deny, or don’t get it
Floods, heat, fires cost us…

And I didn’t even know it!

At about the age of ten years old, as a quirky, geeky Christian kid, I pondered “Satan”.

I looked up at the sky, startled. “People,” said my gob-smacked brain, “believe in Satan. Why, in God’s name, would anyone do that!

I decided that this was by far the stupidest idea…

Don’t worry, I also learned I am “one of the good ones…”

Childish fears

At about the age of ten years old I was thinking about Satan.

I looked up at the sky, startled. “People,” said my gob-smacked brain, “believe in Satan.”

They also believe in hell, that our Creator made an eternal torture chamber. Yikes.

This was by far the stupidest idea that…

Cultured meat — lab meat is possible — so, why don’t we pursue it?

Cows like cruelty-free, why not the rest of us?

Well known by now is that the world is unraveling.

We all know that eating meat in the amount that first-world problem-makers do is unsustainable, and that it results in global injustice. We know about methane, and agricultural pollution, and WOW! …

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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