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History is not all mystery

Using the accumulated wisdom of those who went before you is always a good idea. But how do you know what you have gleaned are the gems, and what are the turds?

I think I will switch right here from the “gem” metaphor to the fertile soil one that we also are all familiar with hearing. The future depends upon us finding, protecting, preserving and nurturing fertile soil, metaphorically, and literally.

You will note right away that metaphors, whether they be about gathering treasures, or nurturing productive soil, are needed for our narratives to work. …

I left the smoky west coast, and now breathe deep the wisdom on the wind and waves of ocean

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Photo by Wolfgang Hassellmann on Unsplash

Today, with wind off of the ocean, the air is fresh and clean. I inhale long, deep breaths, and feel oxygenated blood revitalize my flagging brains cells and rejuvenate my tired body.

Elections are over. Relief for most. Stress and loss for others. I must tear my thoughts from the West coast where fire and smoke persists. Breathe.

I want the whole world to know this fresh breath of clean air. Maybe we can get there someday, but only if those of us privileged enough to breathe free can remember those who “can’t breathe” today.

Let us who can breathe be mindful and present. Let us know, dear gods of air and ocean, that we realize Earth is like a body. The other cells, people, forests, animals, might be struggling to breathe. …

We have to look at narrow history first, in order to widen our view and rewrite a more complete history than we once knew.

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Statue of Io, Photo by Christyl Rivers

Cancel the gods? Yes, by Zeus!

If cancel culture has anything to do with it, we have to tear down every Greek and Roman antiquity that there is. Zeus, the primary force and god that is father (often literally) to hundreds of other gods and goddesses — and mortals as well — was a notorious rapist, enslaver, and murderer.

Before you begin to protest about just how his heinous wife, Hera, was also a major “Karen” in silken toga who also killed at will, please remember that poor Hera had major PTSD, having been one of the first victims of Zeus and his very harsh rape culture attitudes. …

For the Great egg, and ham

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Photo Credit: Silas Baisch

Two plus years ago, I wrote a parody Dr. Zeus poem which, much to my chagrin, got more reads on Medium than any of my serious work. It’s been a long, hard four years, but we will survive. If you voted for Trump, or still feel betrayed, take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy!

GREAT Egg, and Ham

I am scam. I am scam. Scam I am.
I am not a scam. I am.
Do you like big flags and ham?
Orange ham, and twitter spam?


We do not like big flags for Trump
We do not like your big fat rump
We do not like your orange ham
We do not like your twitter…

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Photo by Sheldon Kennedy on Unsplash

When you love a cat, you love a world…

When you love a cat, you love a world
A world of sound and scent
When you love a dog, you love a world
that shows how to live in the present

Animals have super powers. Just watch.
They are attuned to more
They have an inner sense we lost
When we moved from trees to moor

And, yes, humans too, are animals
We all share DNA
But always remember our word spells —
set in bits and chips — can lead us astray

That is, it’s easy to forget
And spend our lives on screens
Living worlds, hidden powers, whirl on and on
Only aware ones know “All” of what it means

We can still reconcile, even if we don’t see eye to eye

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Thanks to Daniel Morris on Unsplash

Jeremiah was a Bull Ideologue

We all have an inner swamp thing, so let’s step out of the morass of muck to clean up and find our better shade of glade angels.

Trump supporters, (as we herein record in the longest November ever), in spitting protest, want to stop the stealing of Election 2020.

Biden supporters, are ready to accept that Republicans tried to steal the election, but didn’t. Or will they?

The truth is a slippery, exhausted toad, who just wants to get away from all the crazies and slide back into the swamp.

Keep kissing frogs until you find you craft your inner Prince

Swamp. Now, there is another word wholly open to separate, and often opposite interpretations. …

We can divide further, or unite fervently.

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Thanks to Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Divided, but determined

One side wins. One side loses. Our loved ones, family, and some of our dearest friends are going to be in mourning. Or in rage. What can be done to reconcile people when they see one another as existential enemies?

For the last few years our lives have been tested. A sort of warm up for increasing hardship has been on offer. Perhaps, this beginning of the age of plagues, floods, fires, and displacement can better prepare us. But for any true preparation, we have to ally.

Many who study epidemiology and climate expect horrors ahead. The challenges that lay ahead as more pandemics, and the climate crisis wreak havoc, could well wring hope out of a distressed world. …

It’s much more complicated than that.

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Thanks to Heather Mount on Unsplash

Who are we?

There are many articles out there pointing that despite the Biden-Harris win, half of America is still racist.

We will have to deal, and work with, and/or dismiss all those ugly, hateful people who are Trumpeteers, fascists, and bigots. Some say they can never be won, they are incorrigible. I would like to offer another possibility.

The fear is not entirely credible, since the defining characteristic of all humans is that we are all to one degree or another, racist. And sexist. And internalized. And struggling.

Although I do understand Black resentment of racism and especially dangerous, systemic, racism I simply don’t believe that one half of america is completely racist. …

Democrats can’t figure out how slogans work — the truth is never very popular and the far-right side that knows without knowing

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Listen up, Y’all

Democrats can’t figure out how slogans work, so I am going to help them out.

Here are my first three words to the Biden-Harris people: Listen up, y’all. Now, I do understand that neither Biden nor Harris will read this. They are too busy listening to trusted, experienced, employed advisors with gobs and gobs of valuable knowledge.

However, as a psychologist I know you can never win the hearts and minds of people with facts. …

The election should not distract us from the bigger picture we all need to paint of a greener planet

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Photo by Fateme Alaie on Unsplash

Red, White, Blue, and Green?

The New York Times, today, is splashing red, white, and blue all over the front page as we desperately doom scroll to keep up with the vote count.

Just when you think you can’t handle another barrage of numbers and to-close-for-comfort calls from — possibly from the highest number of pundits ever recorded — you might scroll down to the non-election news for comfort. Guidance even.

Here is an article, for example, telling readers all the nice nations they can move to, in order to find a soothing beachside villa and escape the madness. …


Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Writer, Defender of the three dimensional, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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